Reception and Transfers: Our boat and its captain will pick you up from the airport as soon as you get off the plane. On your arrival at the Lodge, the management welcomes you personally with the entertainment team and, around a refreshment, all the information necessary for the smooth running of your stay is presented to you.

Luggage storage: From the airport to your bungalow, our luggage storage service will take care of transporting your suitcases or keeping them in the locker if necessary.

Animation: The entire "Animation" team at Fare Pea Iti Lodge is happy to offer you various typical Polynesian moments. .

Wifi and internet connection: Very powerful, our WIFI system covers the entire site with high speed, secure and unlimited internet access. And of course, Fare Pea Iti Lodge is happy to offer you this service free of charge.

House-keeping: The bungalows are, every morning, fully cleaned, bed redone (sheets changed every three days) and towels changed to ensure perfect comfort and impeccable hygiene ... Toiletries (shampoo , soap, shower gel, monoi, etc.) are also provided upon your arrival.

Room service: Cocktails, breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be served in the bungalow, on their terrace or on their private beach.

Laundry: The lingerie service offers to wash, dry, iron and fold your clothes in the morning.

Transit: Concerned about your comfort on your arrival or on the day of your departure, Fare Pea Iti Lodge offers you, according to your needs, a transit room, a bathroom with WC, a left-luggage office and a service Clear and practical check in / check out.

Lounge Bar: Long drinks, cocktails with or without alcohol, fresh fruit juice and other hot or cold drinks are served everywhere on the site, in the restaurant, bar, pontoon, swimming pool, beach, bungalows ...

Data transmissions: The management provides you with its equipment to enable you to transmit your scanned files or documents in the format of your choice.

Telephone and video conferencing: Fare Pea Iti can provide you with mobile phones on the Polynesian network or others to make international calls. It is also possible to use our devices for video conferencing via the "Skype" network ...

Services for "special occasions": The Fare Pea Iti team is committed to offering you a personalized service to celebrate your birthdays, Valentine's Day, New Years, ...

Photos and Video: Fare Pea Iti has underwater cameras and cameras to cover your stay and immortalize your magical moments.

Boutique Hotel: The establishment's small shop presents items from local crafts at very "Lodge" prices

Health: Concerned about your well-being, Fare Pea Iti has a fairly complete pharmacy, and provides transfers to doctors, dispensaries, hospitals, pharmacies and emergency medical evacuations if necessary.

Snorkeling equipment: You will find all the necessary equipment on site for our outings in the lagoon. Fins, masks, snorkel, full face helmets, buoyancy aid vest and more, and are available to you free of charge ...

Security: The site is fully enclosed, ensuring peace and security. A team of competent professionals ensures your surveillance, rescue in the lagoon or picks you up in the event of a problem during your escapades in the island.

In addition to your safe in your bungalow, we provide you with another safe at the reception when you are in transit (for example).

Billing and Payment: Fare Pea Iti Lodge accepts all major credit cards, Pacific Francs,  Euros and US dollars. At the end of your stay, a computer invoice is given to you for checking, but you can obtain an interim summary of your consumption at any time.

Vehicle rental: Fare Pea Iti Lodge provides cars and scooters directly in the hotel parking lot, as well as electric bicycles (on request).